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File : 1440739286393.jpg-(754019 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
754019 B
Name Anonymous 15/08/28(Fri)14:21 No.5512   [Reply]
Name: Marta
File size: 45 mb
Photos in archive: 1 sets


File : 1440072497150.jpg-(249558 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
249558 B
(C88) [G-panda (Midoh Tsukasa)] Hakase no Aishita Pansuto | Doctor's Beloved Pantyhose Name Anonymous 15/08/20(Thu)21:08 No.5500   [Reply]
Shinji/Ritsuko in full colour and translated (very damn quickly) into English.


>> Name Anonymous 15/08/27(Thu)08:00 No.5511  
Not my OTP, but anything with Ritsu is welcome.

File : 1440299964494.jpg-(365043 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
365043 B
Name Anonymous 15/08/23(Sun)12:19 No.5504   [Reply]
Hadn't seen this one here, quite an amusing premise.

>> Name Anonymous 15/08/23(Sun)13:13 No.5505  
Had been posted a while ago.
>> Name Anonymous 15/08/24(Mon)01:55 No.5506  
Would be nice if someone seeded it.
>> Name Anonymous 15/08/24(Mon)21:08 No.5508  
>Hadn't seen this one here

Are you fucking kidding?
>Posted: 2012-11-14 06:36


File : 1439163918907.jpg-(1099063 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1099063 B
Name Anonymous 15/08/10(Mon)08:45 No.5489   [Reply]
Does anyone have any idea of the name of this game?
>> Name Anonymous 15/08/10(Mon)15:12 No.5490  
Sadly, no. Tried to use my google fu and got nothing. It's a pity because it does look very hot.
>> Name Anonymous 15/08/14(Fri)16:04 No.5494  
Haremmate from Illusion, and this scene is done with the in game poser.
>> Name Anonymous 15/08/15(Sat)13:24 No.5495  
Fapping to the polished shoes tbh.
>> Name Anonymous 15/08/15(Sat)17:27 No.5496  
Who wouldn' t? those shoes are shiny.
>> Name Anonymous 15/08/23(Sun)10:26 No.5503  
Dig a couple of pages of pixiv with tagged Ayanami and +18 filter on.
It's there and not very deep

File : 1437313224626.jpg-(302770 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
302770 B
(C51) [ALPS (Various)] Look Out 36 (Various) Name Anonymous 15/07/19(Sun)22:40 No.5441   [Reply]
Greetings from 1996!


Shinji/Misato that becomes Shinji/Misato/Asuka threesome.
>> Name Anonymous 15/07/20(Mon)05:32 No.5444  
I think this is the first time I have ever seen a hentai doujin of NGE that features such a threesome
>> Name Anonymous 15/07/20(Mon)08:47 No.5447  
I think Bakuretsu has done that.
>> Name Anonymous 15/07/20(Mon)12:11 No.5448  
Not quite. Bakuretsu didn't go all the way with a threesome.
>> Name Anonymous 15/07/20(Mon)21:55 No.5449  
Yeah that one was such a let down. Basically had Misato grab Asuka and go "Okay it's your turn, I'm out."

Back in the day I really thought there'd be so many of this threesome since they live together, but there's practically nothing.
>> Name Anonymous 15/07/23(Thu)07:06 No.5455  

There is also this hentai doujin that does have a few pages of some Asuka/Misato/Shinji threesome with Asuka using a strap-on to fuck Misato along with Shinji

Also,there is only one image in MuchiMuchi Angel Vol.7+ does have Misato and Shinji double teaming Shinji but other than that,nothing else comes to mind.

Beats me why this threesome is not more popular than it is. However I do prefer Asuka,Rei, and Shinji together.
>> Name Anonymous 15/08/13(Thu)02:58 No.5492  
I beleive it's because SxM shippers (set A) and SxA shippers (set B) are almost disjoint sets. Manga authors is no exception.
>> Name Anonymous 15/08/16(Sun)01:06 No.5497  
something something OT3

File : 1437170306496.jpg-(355048 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
355048 B
[SABO-P (amelie)] Ikari Asuka-san no Ecchi Hon. Name GW 15/07/18(Sat)06:58 No.5431   [Reply]
Some LAS goodness,starting to be a bit of a rarity these days with all the yaoi/yuri NGE doujins being published
>> Name Anonymous 15/07/20(Mon)05:31 No.5443  
Even better is that Asuka plays with herself while also having sex with Shinji
>> Name Anonymous 15/08/07(Fri)05:22 No.5486  
Even better is that I play with myself while Asuka plays with herself while also having sex with Shinji :3
>> Name Anonymous 15/08/08(Sat)08:09 No.5487  
Even better is when Asuka plays with herself while I have sex with Shinji! No... Wait...

File : 1437846764343.png-(55139 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
55139 B
Name Grummancat 15/07/26(Sun)02:52 No.5468   [Reply]
Well, some of you I know have been waiting so here it is, Chapter 17. 139 pages, it sets the record. Debauchery set to maximum. Hope at least some of you find it amusing. Highly NSFW.

>> Name Anonymous 15/07/26(Sun)05:33 No.5469  
>Highly NSFW

Might just read it for the first time :)
>> Name Grummancat 15/07/26(Sun)05:46 No.5470  
"Highly" in relative terms given that the comic is not usually straight up hentai. The art isn't what I'd call good enough to stand alone as an H doujin, but I tried to make up for it with script. I don't know if anyone remembers a few years ago I was toying with the idea of a special hentai chapter dealing with Asuka's secret bondage fetish and how Shinji was the first person she could let in on it. It ended up getting incorporated into this chapter.
>> Name Anonymous 15/07/26(Sun)11:25 No.5471  

>Asuka's secret bondage fetish

Now I REALLY have to read it.
>> Name Anonymous 15/07/26(Sun)18:04 No.5473  
Could we get a high-res, no-background copy of Asuka on pg. 126?

Did your model pose for that panel? It's particularly good.
>> Name Grummancat 15/07/27(Mon)03:45 No.5474  

Thanks, I'll post it over in /a/. Yes it was one of my models, but not the Asuka model actually. And not really a pose, just a candid I got between shots.
>> Name Anonymous 15/07/29(Wed)13:14 No.5478  
LOL Mari trippin' BALLZ on the last page. ^_^
>> Name Grummancat 15/07/30(Thu)02:13 No.5479  

It was too good to resist.
>> Name Anonymous 15/07/30(Thu)07:19 No.5480  
Just another Brit taking a magical mystery tour.

File : 1435448962369.jpg-(266773 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
266773 B
Name Anonymous 15/06/28(Sun)08:49 No.5415   [Reply]
Weeeeeee, another doujin with best pairing. And it contains my favorite type of rape.

>> Name Anonymous 15/06/29(Mon)11:13 No.5416  
link doesn't work
>> Name Anonymous 15/06/29(Mon)11:42 No.5417  
Learn to use the internet.
>> Name Anonymous 15/06/29(Mon)23:25 No.5418  
>> Name Anonymous 15/07/20(Mon)05:43 No.5446  
Asuka/Kawrou?! Well that is new.
>> Name Anonymous 15/07/21(Tue)11:46 No.5450  
any chance of getting translated?
>> Name Anonymous 15/07/28(Tue)17:45 No.5475  
Best pairing got translated :)

>> Name Grummancat 15/07/29(Wed)06:16 No.5477  

THANKS for this link!!

File : 1430278491799.jpg-(364914 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
364914 B
Name Anonymous 15/04/29(Wed)12:34 No.5358   [Reply]
Best pairing has a new doujin.

>> Name Anonymous 15/04/30(Thu)06:29 No.5359  
thought he was a fag
>> Name Anonymous 15/05/13(Wed)14:58 No.5368  
To quote Ray, "Girl, please. Nobody's that gay."
>> Name Anonymous 15/05/19(Tue)15:00 No.5374  
More like worst pairing. Crackships are throwup tier.
>> Name Anonymous 15/05/19(Tue)20:47 No.5375  
Needs to be more Asuka/Fuyutsuki doujins.
>> Name Anonymous 15/05/20(Wed)03:13 No.5376  
Everyone knows that Toji x Pen Pen is the OTP
>> Name Anonymous 15/07/28(Tue)17:46 No.5476  


File : 1437552922066.jpg-(257133 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
257133 B
(C81) [Chuuka Mantou (Yagami Dai)] Mantou .38 (Neon Genesis Evangelion) [English] [Risette] Name Anonymous 15/07/22(Wed)17:15 No.5453   [Reply]

I have no fucking idea what is going on.

Shinji fucks Asuka at the end, so there's that at least.
>> Name GW 15/07/23(Thu)09:25 No.5456  
>> Name Anonymous 15/07/23(Thu)17:41 No.5457  
Your link doesn't explain what's going on at all.
>> Name GW 15/07/23(Thu)23:32 No.5461  

The link is for the translators site which happens to have an alternate download link available so people have an alternative to leaching it one pg at a time from g.e hentai/exhentai,plus I happen to think its just common courtesy to post a link to the translators site as I think people like this deserve some credit for their hard work for the community
>> Name Anonymous 15/07/24(Fri)04:26 No.5463  
The translator is mentioned in the title [Risette] and description at e-hentai. There's also a link to the website there.

It's amusing that you still try to claim that the only way to get it from e-hentai is one pic at a time, when there is in fact a torrent link. Much quicker than sites like Mega that restrict things like download speed.
>> Name GW 15/07/24(Fri)16:44 No.5464  

Theres nothing "amusing" about it not everyone can or wants to use torrents,not to mention that theres a lot of stuff on ge/ex that isnt torrented so unless you`ve signed up and uploaded things to get the points for direct downloads that just leaves one page at a time,but hey I`m sure a genius like you knew that already,right?

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