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File : 1420755173701.jpg-(195776 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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(C86)[Studio Wallaby (Kura Oh)] Asuka to Rei Kyoudou Seikatsu no Yokushuu Name Anonymous 15/01/09(Fri)07:12 No.5177   [Reply]
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>> Name Anonymous 15/01/17(Sat)09:57 No.5200  
It's courtesy enough that they upload it for you in the first place, little spoiled brat.
>> Name Anonymous 15/01/18(Sun)05:55 No.5202  
Or maybe just maybe not everyone is not into the same thing as you such as rape,bondage,anal, and so on. Hence why listing if a doujin has such stuff then I know if I should avoid it or not.

Nobody is debating that,but again that is not the issue.
>> Name Anonymous 15/01/18(Sun)10:31 No.5203  

Aaawwww poor you, is the little baby going to be traumatized if he sees something that hurts his SJW feelings?
>> Name Anonymous 15/01/19(Mon)06:24 No.5204  
And this folks is why we can't have nice things.

Bitch don't lump me with those jackasses.
>> Name Anonymous 15/01/19(Mon)07:52 No.5205  

Well you act just like them, so i could have swear you were one of them.
>> Name Anonymous 15/01/21(Wed)10:07 No.5207  
Do you even read what you wrote? I'm done wasting my time with a pathetic cretin such as you who attacks other people and I suggest that you seek help.

Anyways 5195 thanks for the information.
>> Name Anonymous 15/01/21(Wed)13:46 No.5214  

typical SJW, hypocritical behavior. acts like a victim who feels like he is being attacked when he is the one who is throwing insults left and right.
>> Name Anonymous 15/01/24(Sat)03:11 No.5216  
This is why we can't have nice things.
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/03(Tue)11:25 No.5238  
I know right 5216. 5214 seems to thinks that asking nicely for some info is the same level as attacking women like those MRA asshats are doing.
>> Name Anonymous 15/03/26(Thu)18:55 No.5315  
Guys. It's porn.

Not supposed to put this much effort into it.

File : 1408636672282.jpg-(28448 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Name AliveGuyRyu 14/08/22(Fri)00:57 No.4907   [Reply]
Still waiting for this
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>> Name Anonymous 14/10/26(Sun)13:26 No.5067  

I hope somebody here has the doujin but is not posting it just so an asshole like you can't have it. The thought makes me LOL.
>> Name Darkwing 14/10/27(Mon)02:23 No.5068  
Someone has to find the doujin first before they can put it up. We're still waiting for the last Wallaby, so it's not like it's that simple. Besides this is Christmas themed. Is it even out yet?

Speaking of the last Wallaby doujin, I wonder if this is going to be a sequel.
>> Name Anonymous 14/11/14(Fri)08:56 No.5111  

Truly the pot is calling the kettle a toaster
>> Name Anonymous 14/11/14(Fri)10:07 No.5112  
In what way?
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/27(Fri)21:23 No.5275  
Still nothing new ?
>> Name Anonymous 15/03/05(Thu)09:54 No.5285  
>> Name Anonymous 15/03/06(Fri)06:53 No.5286  
>> Name Anonymous 15/03/06(Fri)10:26 No.5287  

Read >No.5011
>> Name Anonymous 15/03/26(Thu)11:57 No.5313  

Yeah, but that would make you no better than this insufferable, entitled little cunt :P
Most of us do understand how difficult it is to get your hands on this material and how the one that post it does it because of the goodness of his heart, most of us really appreciate his hard work and thank him, we never rush him, he is our hero and we give him our cookies so teh Internet is belong to him.
Acting like that would be punishing the most of us for the actions of one or two insignificant idiots.
>> Name No.5011 15/03/26(Thu)15:59 No.5314  
Yeah i know, i was venting that day, sorry for being an a-hole. I actually post everything i find in these threads.

File : 1426059043809.jpg-(71147 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
71147 B
[Kawaraya Honpo] Wokurimono/ Kashidashichuu [English] Name GW 15/03/11(Wed)16:30 No.5303   [Reply]
>> Name Anonymous 15/03/22(Sun)15:13 No.5309  
How I wish this guy would do one of his usual doujins without the futa. Lesbians, lactation, hot, sweaty sex without dicks. It's a shame.
>> Name Anonymous 15/03/22(Sun)15:32 No.5310  
I know that feel bro. his only asuka where so hot! why did he have to do this futashit
>> Name Anonymous 15/03/22(Sun)22:49 No.5311  
I like chicks with dicks.
>> Name Anonymous 15/03/24(Tue)00:20 No.5312  

Because you are a homosexual.

File : 1422820505865.jpg-(14029 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
14029 B
Name Anonymous 15/02/02(Mon)04:55 No.5229   [Reply]
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>> Name Anonymous 15/02/03(Tue)03:52 No.5234  
This sucked.

He should have just not wasted his time with this shit. The previous one he made with Rei was actually decent.
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/03(Tue)04:30 No.5235  
If Rei wasn't in the cover I would have assumed it was a Yui doujin.
>> Name Darkwing 15/02/03(Tue)11:24 No.5237  
I swear it's like MILFs are replacing schoolgirls for the go to object of fetishism in Japanese Porn.

Now there's something I never thought I'd type.
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/03(Tue)11:33 No.5240  
both 5233 and 5231 sound massively frustrated and especially moronic for joking about CP. It's like you want to get into hot waters.
>> Name faggot-kun 15/02/03(Tue)21:55 No.5242  
BAAAW no i didn't, i would never anger the feelings police with humor! You liar, Santa Clause will be very angry at you for being a naughty boy!
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/19(Thu)23:53 No.5252  
IMO this is one of the worst books Saigado has put out in a bit.

Rei should have probably just been Yui. Her head is widely out of place and badly proportioned in several pages. I think Saigado had problems making rei just appear older and bustier without losing the characters appearance.

I could take the older Asuka and Misato books. But he really should go back to the style he used for B-Worm and the FNerd series.
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/20(Fri)03:01 No.5253  
I mostly agree aslong he doesnt make Asuka the flat chested loli like in C-freak. actually his portrayal of asuka in the short of F-nerd was actually really hot.
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/20(Fri)07:53 No.5254  
5242 you're trying too hard.
>> Name Anonymous 15/03/18(Wed)13:43 No.5307  
>> Name Anonymous 15/03/19(Thu)02:30 No.5308  
So, it turned out to be a really sweet doujin when it got translated.

I imagined a really shitty story, but it was great in the end.

File : 1425656441027.jpg-(116671 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
116671 B
[Loiter] Shinsekai no Sex Slave Name GW 15/03/07(Sat)00:40 No.5288   [Reply]
Heres another little present from me
Post5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> Name Anonymous 15/03/10(Tue)10:57 No.5295  
there are literally tens of doujins where Auska is gangbanged by faceless guys
>> Name Anonymous 15/03/10(Tue)12:17 No.5296  

We need hundreds.
>> Name Darkwing 15/03/11(Wed)05:24 No.5297  
Is it just me or have there been more Asuka and Mari doujins than Rei ones lately? And it seems like every lemon written in the last few years has been about Asuka.
>> Name Anonymous 15/03/11(Wed)05:50 No.5298  
Any good Mari lemons yet?
>> Name writerfag 15/03/11(Wed)06:17 No.5299  


Because Mari x Asuka is incredibly hot. I personally think that's the only good thing that has come out of rebuild.

And there have been a few lemons with Mari. Taboo Parallel had some really hot scenes between those 2 recently.

Rommel had the ponyfic with Mari training Asuka.

The thing is that, atleaast in my case, i prefer to see Mari in a dominant position, especially when it comes to Asuka.
>> Name Anonymous 15/03/11(Wed)10:20 No.5300  

Any GOOD Mari lemons? IOW where she's getting gang-banged by faceless fat guys...
>> Name Anonymous 15/03/11(Wed)12:43 No.5301  
If you dont think they are good then dont bother because both of them are competently written.

If you mean one were Mari gets raped then no, don't remember one With Mari as the victim.
>> Name Anonymous 15/03/12(Thu)08:18 No.5304  
Rape? No! Mari willingly servicing the WILLE guys one after the other to both boost morale and boost her synch ratio? Yes plz.
>> Name Anonymous 15/03/15(Sun)05:00 No.5305  
RAPE Mari? As in perform a sexual act on her that she doesn't enjoy? Is that even possible?

That said though, the Mari in Sadamoto's "doujin" chapter appears to be more vindictive, jealous and yandere rather than light headed and promiscuous fans have taken her for.
>> Name Anonymous 15/03/15(Sun)17:07 No.5306  
>>more vindictive, jealous and yandere

Can this simply be put down to the vagaries of mentraual hormones?

File : 1426058700475.jpg-(13612 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
13612 B
[Kaientai (Shuten Douji)] Marionette Queen:4.0.0 [English] Name GW 15/03/11(Wed)16:25 No.5302   [Reply]

File : 1425043546285.jpg-(22043 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
22043 B
Name Grummancat 15/02/27(Fri)22:25 No.5276   [Reply]
OK, for those of you following, here is the new chapter, Chapter 16 of EVA-303. As always, I hope at least some of you will find it worth reading though I can imagine I may get some flak for this one >_<
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/28(Sat)11:04 No.5280  
Thanks GC!
>> Name Grummancat 15/02/28(Sat)13:24 No.5283  
I'm glad you enjoyed. Relieved even.

File : 1424907670673.jpg-(234920 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
234920 B
Name Anonymous 15/02/26(Thu)08:41 No.5268   [Reply]
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/27(Fri)11:35 No.5269  
Asuka and Mari get raped,grow dicks,mind raped and the whole shebang. Basically proceed with caution.
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/27(Fri)13:13 No.5271  
Can you stop already? First You went on and on about scat on a TNT doujin, now you are again trying to force your silly trolling into a meme by saying that this doujin has rape and futa.
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/27(Fri)17:28 No.5273  
This doujin does have rape and futa, you fucking idiot.
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/28(Sat)05:14 No.5277  
link doesn't work

anywhere else?
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/28(Sat)06:01 No.5278  

No it doesn't you stupid asshole.
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/28(Sat)11:45 No.5281  

Hope this helps and also I am not that anon who lied to people about what that other doujin contains.

Yeah um about that. Here are all the tag listed from e-hentai/exhentai site in regards to this particular doujin.

futanari on futanari
mind break
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/28(Sat)12:06 No.5282  
there tits should get bigger when they go into beast mode

File : 1422397077466.jpg-(252121 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
252121 B
Marionette Queen 5.0.0 Name Anonymous 15/01/28(Wed)07:17 No.5224   [Reply]

Unknown has threesome sex with hypnotized Ritsuko and Maya.
>> Name Neko-kun 15/01/28(Wed)13:52 No.5226  
This censorship is ridiculous...

But thx for sharing though
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/28(Sat)06:27 No.5279  
Not censorship, electrical tape covering the genitals is a survival strategy adopted by survivors of second impact.

File : 1422261068053.jpg-(113654 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
113654 B
Name AliveGuyRyu 15/01/26(Mon)17:31 No.5219   [Reply]
Post7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/20(Fri)11:48 No.5256  

Stop lying to them, you troll!
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/20(Fri)12:05 No.5257  
It's TNT. Anyone who thinks there'd be scat in one of their dojins deserves to be fooled.
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/24(Tue)05:05 No.5261  
Oh 5256 *Yawns* If you want such content then go look elsewhere.
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/24(Tue)10:12 No.5262  

Stop lying and samefagging, you troll!
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/24(Tue)12:12 No.5264  

Only if you stop trying to turn your trolling into a meme. We all know Tengo no Tsuzura. Like I said, if anyone is dumb enough to believe there is scat in this doujin, they deserve, like you, to be fooled.
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/24(Tue)13:36 No.5265  

No one is trolling but you.
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/26(Thu)06:33 No.5266  

And now for something completely different. Pingles. Also shhhh and be quiet
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/26(Thu)08:32 No.5267  
>Also shhhh and be quiet

>> Name Anonymous 15/02/27(Fri)11:36 No.5270  

Asuka sure looks hot as hell on the cover.
Moving on. Favorite Asuka/Shinji doujins?
>> Name Anonymous 15/02/27(Fri)13:15 No.5272  
Probably those that have the most rape.

So the first mnodaetei series, the izurumi A series and the only Asuka series.

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