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File : 1414738665897.jpg-(809071 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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[Global One] Monstrassault 7 [ENG] Name GW 14/10/31(Fri)15:57 No.5078   [Reply]
Heres another little present,this time a translation commissioned by me and translated by Fated Circle.This is probably the craziest nge doujin I`ve come across
Contains:Lots of stuff
>> Name Anonymous 14/11/01(Sat)04:19 No.5079  
hy are you so amazing GW?

File : 1414574746050.jpg-(21723 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
21723 B
[Coelacanth] Children Mode Ikari Shinji Name GW 14/10/29(Wed)18:25 No.5075   [Reply]
Heres another one I got recently,its one of the more expensive ones and doesnt appear to be that common,contains 2 stories rei+shinji/rei+asuka+mari+shinji 4some
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/30(Thu)17:32 No.5077  
You rock GW

File : 1413880601320.jpg-(219251 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
219251 B
[Naohiro] SHINJI 05 - Maya Ibuki Name GW 14/10/21(Tue)17:36 No.5049   [Reply]
I recall someone asking about this recently luckily I was able to find a cheap copy when I was getting some other stuff
>> Name AliveGuyRyu 14/10/21(Tue)19:14 No.5050  
Ah, look who`s back with his shitty Downloadlinks

MultiUp.org - Mass Upload : a free service, funded entirely by advertising

Yes, that's what we got : Advertising - First one Window, than opened another which opens a third Window and so on an on.
But where is the working Downloadlink ?
>> Name GW 14/10/21(Tue)20:33 No.5051  

Theres just no fucking pleasing some idiots,tell you what dickhead why dont you just fuck off over to e hentai and leech it one page at a time like you usually do,oh and maybe download ad blocker while you`re at it you fucking brainless cretin
>> Name AliveGuyRyu 14/10/22(Wed)00:44 No.5052  
@GW - Oh, I made the litte baby cry.

And for all the good children, here it is without the annoying advertising.

>> Name Anonymous 14/10/22(Wed)00:52 No.5053  

Thank you so much GW! I was the one who brought this up in another thread about doujins we're all waiting on. I can't believe you actually remembered and was willing to pay for this out of your own pocket. Thank you.

As for AliveGuyRyu, you can eat a bag of dicks. That e-hentai link you posted? That was uploaded by GW. Agree or disagree with how he uploads things, there's no need to be a cunt. Try saying thanks instead, we wouldn't have this doujin AT ALL if he hadn't forked over the money for it.
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/27(Mon)02:36 No.5069  

GW, where did you buy this? Was it digital or did you buy an actual physical copy and scanned it?
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/27(Mon)06:14 No.5070  
Warning there be rape in here but it does feature Shinji,Ritsuko, and Maya
>> Name Faggot-kun 14/10/27(Mon)06:30 No.5071  

>> Name GW 14/10/27(Mon)18:44 No.5072  

Its a physical copy that I scanned,I got this plus some others from Nagomi
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/28(Tue)07:00 No.5073  
thanks for the link GW. there where several there that i havent seen before that i really liked.
>> Name GW 14/10/29(Wed)09:28 No.5074  

If you want to see the sold out stuff as well then click the option marked "在庫無しも表示" its at the right of the search bar just below the top of the page then press the button marked "検索" at the end of the search bar

File : 1408636672282.jpg-(28448 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
28448 B
Name AliveGuyRyu 14/08/22(Fri)00:57 No.4907   [Reply]
Still waiting for this
>> Name Anonymous 14/08/22(Fri)04:21 No.4913  
If there is Asuka/Rei/Shinji action in this doujin then sure I might agree with you.
>> Name AliveGuyRyu 14/09/04(Thu)22:44 No.4944  
Time goes by but nothing happend.

Dear Mr. "I'm posting pictures without telling the source if somebody asks about" DeadGuyKai and Mr. "I put everything up on a shitty Filehoster" GW, this is your chance to shine.
Search for it on the internet, than put it up here and you're the heroes of the board (if not the world)
>> Name Mr. "I'm posting pictures without telling the source , etc., etc. 14/10/05(Sun)00:10 No.5010  
No I wont.
You go to hell.
You go to hell and die.

>> Name Anonymous 14/10/05(Sun)16:49 No.5011  

Has anyone ever told you that you are an insufferable, entitled little cunt?

No one here is obliged to post translations and scanlations for you. People share this content out of goodness of their hearts and for the community, acting like a dipshit towards them is not helping.

If you want them faster then you yourself look all over the internet.

if it hasn't been posted then likely it doest exist, you acting like a faggot is not gonna make it arrive faster.

Honestly i dont know how the contributors around here can tolerate so much bullshit. if i were one of them id become such an asshole.

I would post only previews of the pics and nothing else. Just enough so that others know that i do indeed have it but not share anything else because fuck you all.

Or better yet just post one picture on the general each month just for the shits and giggles.
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/23(Thu)15:26 No.5056  

You might have a point; but most of us appreciate everything that GW does for us, all the things he buys and scans. We always thank him and he is highly regarded.
If you were him, you would do that just to spite a single asshole? Would you screw all the Anons in the board just for a single guy?
I do agree with you though.
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/26(Sun)13:26 No.5067  

I hope somebody here has the doujin but is not posting it just so an asshole like you can't have it. The thought makes me LOL.
>> Name Darkwing 14/10/27(Mon)02:23 No.5068  
Someone has to find the doujin first before they can put it up. We're still waiting for the last Wallaby, so it's not like it's that simple. Besides this is Christmas themed. Is it even out yet?

Speaking of the last Wallaby doujin, I wonder if this is going to be a sequel.

File : 1412632621318.jpg-(320862 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
320862 B
Name Anonymous 14/10/07(Tue)06:57 No.5016   [Reply]
Still waiting for this.
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/07(Tue)18:52 No.5020  
Buy it.
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/08(Wed)09:17 No.5021  
Do not want
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/09(Thu)01:27 No.5022  
I can't even find sample images for it. When was it released?
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/09(Thu)02:20 No.5023  

OP here.
It's not really old, C83.
Reverse search didn't really help it, I just googled Dablis:Pre.

I probly got this in a imageboard, the Unix time stamp is 1390499848670, which was in Thu, 23 Jan 2014 17:57:28 GMT
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/09(Thu)22:32 No.5029  

There isn't even a link from the circle's website on where it can be bought, or sample images, or anything!
>> 同人 [黒ねこ赤リボン] Dablis:Pre Name GW 14/10/10(Fri)20:40 No.5031  
I found some preview pics
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/11(Sat)13:12 No.5035  
Thanks, GW, you're a saint.
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/18(Sat)14:54 No.5042  
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/26(Sun)09:29 No.5066  

So it isn't Rei on Rei?
Too bad.

File : 1414063963067.jpg-(33751 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
33751 B
[Clone Ningen] Rituko-san!! Name GW 14/10/23(Thu)20:32 No.5057   [Reply]
Heres another little present,its basically just color pics no story
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/24(Fri)02:15 No.5058  
>> Name GW 14/10/24(Fri)03:31 No.5060  

Its just nude/semi nude + sex pics of the good doctor,no fetishes
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/24(Fri)05:58 No.5061  
Pics of a high-mileage, middle aged ratchet. Don't know if want.
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/24(Fri)15:21 No.5062  
I have no words to express the degree of WANT I feel for this.
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/24(Fri)15:44 No.5063  
High levels of want. Thanks GW.

File : 1413987356296.jpg-(21556 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
21556 B
[Saigado] R-LAB.CS [ENG] Name GW 14/10/22(Wed)23:15 No.5055   [Reply]

File : 1413654287423.jpg-(91023 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
91023 B
[SUPERBAD] INSIDE JOB Name GW 14/10/19(Sun)02:44 No.5045   [Reply]
Heres another little present from me,the plot has Asuka working as a prostitute who drugs and robs her clients
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/19(Sun)05:16 No.5046  
I'm not trusting all those "download" links.
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/19(Sun)20:52 No.5048  
Here's the e-hentai link.


File : 1408636462334.jpg-(232854 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
232854 B
Name AliveGuyRyu 14/08/22(Fri)00:54 No.4905   [Reply]
Still waiting for this
>> Name Anonymous 14/08/27(Wed)15:31 No.4931  
Yeah, it's a shame but Ritsuko (and especially Maya) centric doujins don't get into the wild as much the others. They're rare because of that too.
Isn't the next Marionette Queen doujin meant to be Ritsuko and Maya too?
>> Name AliveGuyRyu 14/09/04(Thu)22:49 No.4946  
Same here
Time goes by but nothing happend.

Dear Mr. "I'm posting pictures without telling the source if somebody asks about" DeadGuyKai and Mr. "I put everything up on a shitty Filehoster" GW, this is your chance to shine.
Search for it on the internet, than put it up here and you're the heroes of the board (if not the world)
>> Name Anonymous 14/09/22(Mon)10:19 No.4985  
Here, but is in japanese: http://lovedoujin.com/doujinshi/anime/evangelion/evangelion_299/list1.html
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/15(Wed)00:46 No.5038  
>> Name nekoboy 14/10/15(Wed)12:45 No.5039  
For those who want a torrent

>> Name Anonymous 14/10/16(Thu)10:06 No.5040  
>>Yeah, it's a shame but Ritsuko (and especially Maya) centric doujins don't get into the wild as much the others.

Not a shame at all.

Maya looks like a man and Ritsuko is just a ratchet.
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/18(Sat)21:27 No.5043  
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/19(Sun)07:10 No.5047  
>implying Nurse Ratchet isn't a sexy archetype


File : 1413109643313.jpg-(126048 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
126048 B
Maniac Street - Beasts That Came Inside a Pregnant Girl [ENG] Name GW 14/10/12(Sun)19:27 No.5036   [Reply]
Really glad to see this one finally translated.Contains asuka preggo
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/13(Mon)04:50 No.5037  
derpy faces
>> Name Anonymous 14/10/18(Sat)11:16 No.5041  
Forget the faces, all the art seems to be below Maniac Street's usual levels.

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